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lash and brow services

Lash and brow are the most prominent yet attractive part of your face that has the ability to change the entire look of your face. Many people mainly focus on their lash and brow when they go outside because lash and brow can make anyone look attractive. Even if someone is going out without makeup, they would not go out without doing their lash and brow because they are the most prominent features of your face on which the look of your face depends. Many people are blessed with naturally thick lash and brow and some people have very thin lash and brow which makes them wish for thicker and longer lash and brow. If you are one of those who have thicker lash and brow in camberwell, then you need to get them into shape otherwise they look horrible. And if you are one of those who have very light and thin lash and brow then you need to visit Sky Skin because they provide multiple yet amazing services for lash and brow. If you want to learn about our lash and brow services, then keep reading as they are discussed below.

Lash Extensions

One of our lash and brow services is lash extensions. Yes, you have heard it right. People used to get hair extensions but now there are lash extensions, and they are very trendy in the modern world since everyone is going for lash and brow treatment out of which lash extensions are the trendiest ones. Lash extensions will give your lashes and good volume and then you would not have to wear fake lashes or mascara to make your lashes thick and long. So if you have thin lashes, get this treatment from our lash and brow services.


The other treatment of our lash and brow service is brows. We provide the service of tinting your brows and shaping them according to your face structure. We not only tint your brows but the skin under your brows as well to provide the more intense look. If you have light and thin brows, then go for this treatment of your lash and brow services.

Lash Lift and Tint

The other treatment of our lash and brow service is lash lift and tint. If you do not want to get lash extensions and still want some twist to your lashes, then go for this treatment where we will curl your lashes by putting some conditioner and they will stay the same even after washing. We also provide the service of tinting lash and brow.


Another treatment of our lash and brow service is threading. If you have thick eyebrows and you want to shape them, then come to us we will thread the extra hair and shape them perfectly.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and get the best lash and brow services from us. For more information visit our website: